the devil and god are raging inside me
Saturday, September 05, 2009
10:22 PM

Don't be waves
Come to seal my fate, marine
Just pretend
That you want me
And be my babe

Don't be that note I can't hold
Don't be that joke that I told and told 'til it got old
Don't be that hand around my throat so I can't breathe
You say you're my friend, but why won't you be my family?
Brand New x Not The Sun

it's a rare , beware!
10:10 PM
I had switched to LJ a while back.
But I've never closed down this site, as I always believe in 'knowing your roots'.
Well I guess since no one visits this site(at least to my knowledge), I'm gonna make a rare one.

I am selfish, I am unkind, I want your body&mind.
I believe in fate, what did you ate?
Everything happens for a reason, the good&bad.
But I'm not as wayward as you think I am, mom&dad.

I've always said that I wanted to be an Economist.
No,(they do not know that) I wanna be a Musician.
Or..............anything that has to do with music.
Music reviewer, producer, festival planner, etc

I wanna travel the world and go for marquee music festivals.
Pinkle Pop, Reading, Glastonsbury.
I wanna be a famous music reviewer and my words are like heroine.
Jesse Lacey, Conor Oberst, Pete Doherty.
I wanna be their Biographer.
I wanna know what's running in their mind,
how they come up with those lines or hooks of pure genius.

I have problems speaking.
I wished I hadn't.
But that doesn't stop me from doing things that I want to.
Or so I thought, (I am a pessimist, I doubt myself)

They say music mends broken hearts.
Broken hearts.. that means they're fragile?
But hearts, they just spurt out red blood or just stop pumping.

Last Shadow Puppets x Meeting Place
Wednesday, July 08, 2009
7:23 PM
The colder the night gets,
The further she strays.
And he doesn't like it,
Being this way.
And she tried so hard to steer away from the meeting place,
But her heart had led her there.
She clings to his consciousness,
Wherever he lays.
He struggles to sleep at night and during the day.
He's worried she's waiting in his dreams to drag him back to the meeting place.
His love had left him there.
Where her voice still echoes,
"I'm sorry I met you darling,
I'm sorry I met you".
As she turned into the night, all he has was the words,
"I'm sorry I met you darling,
I'm sorry I left you".
For weeks they had strolled around,
Playing the fools.
They knew the time would come and time would be cruel
Because it is cruel to everyone
He's crying out from the meeting place
He's stranded himself there.

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